Veg box Wednesday #1

This week’s box contents and some recipe ideas inspired by it:

With this quantity of beetroot it has to be borscht. I have my own idea, but this week I might have a go at Felicity Cloake’s How to Cook the Perfect Borcht because I cannot fault her Perfect Cullen Skink. If I didn’t have some purple haze carrots as well, I might also try making a delicious shredded beetroot and onion seed salad like the one I tried at my favourite foody hangout The Buttercup Cafe. Purple carrots look beautiful cut into a traditional French carrot salad with lemon and Dijon dressing, but this week I have some noelle cabbage so I might mix up a homemade ‘slaw to serve with smoked sausage and butterbeans.

Babyleaf salad is hard to get enthused about on such a cold day, but of course it will all get eaten up in sandwiches or on the side of something a bit spicy. Speaking of spice, I have another large red pepper to add to the half leftover from last week. I’m thinking I might char-grill the peppers and bung them in a chorizo stew, or blend them into some homemade hummus for my little girl.

Parsnips. Last week I perfected spicy roasted parsnip soup with spinach (which I will share with you another day) so this week I need a different approach. I like the sound of Nigella Lawson’s Potato, Parsnip and Porcini Gratin, which I could make with some of my orla potatoes. Next the fruits. Ruby grapefruit I haven’t had for ages, and I love to bits. If it doesn’t get eaten for breakfast I might try making a wintry salad with blue cheese, beetroot and grapefruit. The bananas will almost certainly be gobbled up by my daughter, but those gala apples will go well in the ‘slaw or sautéed with the rest of that cabbage and served with a Sunday roast. Yum.

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