Why the box?

Wednesday is veg box day. I started ordering from Abel & Cole quite recently, perhaps because of bourgeois anxieties about cooking for my baby daughter, perhaps because they had a good offer on. I’m surprised how much I enjoy it though, and I even think it is helping me save money. ‘Save money?’ I hear you cry. But yes, because I know I am forking out more than ever before on staples like carrots and onions, but it has started to get me into better shopping habits.

Knowing how tasty, but relatively costly, these organic veg are means I use up every scrap. When I bought cheaper fruit and veg from the supermarket I would often buy more than I needed and then watch some of it go soggy in the fridge.

The element of surprise and the seasonal produce helps me be more creative in the kitchen. Even when you love cooking like I do, it’s easy to get into the habit of cooking the same thing every week. Since I got the veg box I haven’t.

I go to the supermarket less often, and when I do go, I take a list and shop for a few key items and store-cupboard ingredients. Shopping ‘around the box’ instead of ‘around the supermarket’ has brought the weekly cost of my groceries right down.

So I’m keeping the box, at least until shopping wisely, cooking creatively and eating seasonally become habits that I can keep without thinking.


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