Bonfire night

I’m in with the baby on Bonfire Night and I live in Lewes, so this puts me in a bit of a stink. When the whole town is partying, even the new series of Masterchef: The Professionals isn’t worth staying in for, particularly when it’s only a half-hour episode without a technical challenge.

When I was a kid I lived in a terraced house in the town centre, so I didn’t have to leave home to watch the processions. The boys from Waterloo would come round the day before to rig their banners up from our first floor, then on the night my parents would invite their mates round for drinks.

We had a Rayburn in the kitchen, which would be stuffed full of fat pork sausages and jacket potatoes, and with a vat of Mum’s minestrone bubbling away on top. Indoors or out, November 5th calls for food that’s quick, substantial and hot.

Now I live at the top of town so I’m in a good position to watch the kid’s parades at the end of October (here are my pics from a few weeks ago) but not so much the main event. Mind you, this is Lewes, so even from a distance the fireworks are spectacular, unlike the chorizo bean stew that I made for dinner, which to add to the evening’s disappointment, demands a bit more love.

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