Veg box Wednesday #2

It’s Wednesday again and the star of my vegbox this week has to be a crazy green cauliflower. In fact it’s a cauliflower and broccoli hybrid, which has a mild, nutty, slightly sweeter taste than the familiar white variety. Green caulis were first cultivated in California in the eighties by a company that trademarked their new vegetable as the ‘Broccoflower’. I won’t call mine a Broccoflower then, but inspired by Jay Rayner’s tweets earlier this week, I will try pot-roasting it in the manner of Réni Redzepi at Noma. Redzepi says his pot-roasted cauli involves “35 minutes of don’t fucking worry about it,” but you can find out a little more here.

Also in the box are some Ramiro peppers, again, a sweeter variety than your standard cultivar but these are green, so they will still be pretty bitter. I’m not a fan of green peppers, and neither is my fail-safe Nigel Slater, so I’m not sure how I’ll use these. A search online returns too many suggestions to stuff them, but I’m into Moroccan cooking at the moment so I think I’ll try making Taktouka (roasted green pepper and tomato salad). Taktouka is traditionally served with bread as a dip, here’s a recipe.

To compensate for the green peppers I have a beautiful bunch of radishes, a favourite, and a big bag of versatile spinach leaves. I’ve been meaning to try making my own cannelloni with fresh pasta and homemade ricotta for some time. Smitten Kitchen has a lovingly presented recipe for the classic Italian ‘twice cooked’ cheese here but if I’m honest I first spied it on the Lakeland website. In the shorter term, I gobbled up some of the spinach for my lunch, mixed in with leftover cheese sauce from my daughter’s macaroni. I spread the bechamel onto spelt toast, topped it with ham and some extra cheese and bunged it under the grill for a couple of minutes. Scrummy.

It’s getting late, so I’ll put an end to my vegbox ruminations for today. It seems that half a kiwi (also in the box) does not contain enough sleep-promoting qualities to stop me from staying up too late. Perhaps looking at these photos of the peaceful autumnal day that has just passed will work some soporific magic instead…


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