Midweek meal planner #1

Instead of introducing my weekly veg box with a selection of recipes that I don’t get round to cooking, I’ve decided to turn this column into a weekly meal planner instead. Housewife-tastic.

In the box this week:
beetroot, kale, broccoli, carrots, vine tomatoes, red pepper, marfona potatoes
apples, clementines, bananas

In the fridge:
green peppers, celery, grapefruit, walnuts, oregano

From the butcher:
1 pheasant
1 free range chicken

Pheasant and lentil casserole with beetroot and potatoes

Pheasant and lentil leftovers
Roasted beet and carrot
Butterbean and caramelised onion mash

Kale and chickpeas* with Moro tahini chicken
*Adapted from the spinach and chickpea tapa in Moro The Cookbook – there is a version online at Smitten Kitchen who incidentally, often appears to feature recipes that I have in mind.

Lunch: Roasted pepper, leftover chickpea and chorizo soup
I told you I wasn’t a fan of green peppers last week, so it’s no surprise I have two left in the fridge. Between now and Saturday I might try this trick to see if I can turn those green peppers red.
Dinner: Pizza with tomato and basil salad

Roast chicken with broccoli and roast winter veg

Risotto made with fresh stock and leftover roast

Store cupboard pasta, puttanesca?

Moro beetroot soup with black cumin p. 72
Preserved lemons for gifts
Sourdough bread with the starter I began last Saturday
Rice pudding


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