Midweek meal planner #2

Lots of baking to do this week because we’ve three birthdays so we’re visiting rellies on Saturday and hosting a kids tea party on Tuesday. This is the plan, which I may find to be a tad ambitious, but if you aim for lots of cake, the chances are you’ll end up with some cake, and some cake is better than none.

NB: Unless otherwise stated I am cooking for two hungry adults and a hungry one-year-old

In the box this week: Swede, sweet potato, carrots, butternut squash, savoy cabbage, waxy potatoes, mushrooms, bananas, kiwis, oranges

In the fridge: Chorizo, green pepper, potatoes, onion, crème fraîche

From the butcher: Stewing lamb, sausages

Wednesday: Hot chorizo, pepper and sweet potato stew with lemon and parsley couscous

Thursday: Cullen skink and spelt bread

Friday: Sausages with mash, cabbage and apple
Make stew for Sat/Sun, make Nigel’s citrus polenta cake in place of my old fave lemon drizzle cake for Saturday

Saturday: Lamb stew
In London all day so we need something quick!

Sunday: Roast butternut soup
Lamb stew leftovers as a pie

Monday: Veg curry, daal and rice

Tuesday: Birthday Tea Party
Banana, chocolate, oatmeal tea bread (low sugar)
Mrs de Salis biscuits
Fairy cakes
For dinner: pasta

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