Meal planner #3

It’s not midweek, but better late than never. So I don’t get confused, my family meal planner covers Wednesday to Tuesday as usual.

In the box:
Turnips, chard, carrots, Jerusalem artichokes, potatoes, green cauliflower, tomatoes, clementines, russet apples, bananas

In the fridge:
1/2 swede, cabbage heart, green pepper (yes, that one from weeks ago, still fairly fresh!), butternut squash, mushrooms, oregano, thyme, smoked bacon

Meat and fish:
King prawns, 8 butcher’s bangers

Butternut squash soup

Lunch: spaghetti ‘chard-inara‘ I was a bit worried that my daughter would never eat again, after she refused my tasty soup on Wednesday, but she really loved this. I didn’t make a traditional carbonara with egg because I didn’t have any cream, and barely cooked egg is a bit dodgy to give to a baby. Instead I fried off some smoked bacon bits until crisp, then added a clove of garlic and two chard leaves sliced thinly. I stirred the bacon and chard onto the spaghetti with a heaped spoon of cream cheese and a generous handful of grated Grana Padano and seasoned with black pepper. Lovely. She even ate the green bits.
Dinner: Prawn curry with Indian roti and basmati rice. My old staple: Dad’s prawn and spinach curry, worked well with chard in place of spinach.
Used: chard, king prawns, bacon

Friday: It’s cold outside so I’m craving spice.
Lunch: Chickpea masala with roti and cucumber raita
Dinner: Sausage and Jerusalem artichoke casserole
Used: tomatoes, green pepper, artichokes, cabbage, mushrooms, sausages

Lunch: Winter vegetable soup
Dinner: Pizza
Used: swede, turnip, carrot (for soup)

Lunch: Winter vegetable soup
Dinner: Leftover sausage stew with cauliflower cheese
Used: cauliflower

Dinner: Frittata and winter salad. In my opinion turnip is best eaten raw in a salad, otherwise I find it overly bitter.

Dinner: Red and green daals with rice

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