A Vida Portuguesa

My friend Georgia went to Portugal and brought me back this beautiful melamine pot, plate and bowl. Thank you Georgia, you know what I like! The set is from A Vida Portuguesa, a wonderful shop with branches in Lisbon and Porto, that sells beautifully packaged foods, cosmetics and little bits for the home. Portuguese graphic design is very beautiful indeed. I found the shop when I was in Lisbon with my friend Ellie a couple of years ago. It was a lovely holiday and I gorged myself silly on pâté de sardinha and custard tarts. Which makes me think I should have a go at making some of these treats at home.

David Lebovitz has a recipe for sardine pâté on his blog, but although I like the sound of the seasoning it doesn’t have that beautiful red colour of the ones I remember eating with bread and olives on holiday. On another note, this tinned mackerel pâté with quick pickled onions from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall sounds tasty, but again, it’s not the sunny variety I am after. This recipe on Epicurious, with tomato, sun-dried tomato paste, paprika and cayenne sounds much more like it. And this recipe on Living in the Sun also sounds promising, with sun-dried tomato paste, a pinch of dried chilli, preferably piri piri, and a splash of Scotch whiskey or Calvados. I’m thinking a bit of experimentation could be in order…

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