Meal planner #6

Last week I surprised myself by being super-organised and sticking to my plan. I also did a hell of a lot of cooking, what with Sunday’s birthday bake-off, but since Wednesday I’ve let things slide a bit. In an attempt to claw back some control, here is this week’s belated Christmas week meal planner. Highlights of last week included my homemade puff-pastry pizza and a prawn and lentil curry that I made up on Tuesday – will share the recipe for that one when things are a bit less hectic.

In the box this week: red peppers, curly kale, carrots, leeks, potatoes, tomatoes, portobello mushrooms, grapefruit, bananas, apples

Christmas box (Sunday 23rd): parsnips, Brussels sprouts, carrots, onions, red cabbage, herbs, lemons, clementines

In the fridge: celery, radishes, a leek, carrot, coriander, bacon, smoked salmon

Meat and fish: 800g cubed venison, smoked gammon

Dinner: Take-out fish and chips

Lunch: leek and potato soup
Dinner: butter beans in homemade romesco with curly kale and tomato, brown rice
Used: leeks, potato, red peppers, kale, tomato

Lunch: leek and potato soup
Dinner: (just me) romesco-stuffed mushrooms, frittata
Used: mushrooms, kale, tomato, radishes

Lunch: carrot and coriander soup
Dinner: (just K) pizza
Used: carrots, fresh coriander

Make: chocolate truffles
Lunch: carrot and coriander soup
Dinner: I’ve been craving this Nigel Slater herby artichoke casserole since I saw it on telly, and it looks really easy and quick to make, good end to a busy day. Plenty of veg is needed in the run up to a Christmas meat feast!
Used: celery, carrot

Monday (Christmas Eve):
Lunch: smoked salmon pâté and spelt bread
Dinner: venison stew, I’m going to ad lib this one, I like the idea of using juniper berries, my aunt says cranberries are essential, as is plenty of red wine, celery, carrot, onion etc.
Used: celery, carrot, sprouts

Tuesday (Christmas Day, three adults):
Breakfast: smoked salmon and scrambled eggs
Lunch: roast gammon and trimmings. I might work from this recipe by my favourite Mr Slater, good way to use up some of that homemade sloe gin that’s been in the cupboard for a while.
Christmas pudding
Used: parsnips, carrots, red cabbage, sprouts

Wednesday (Boxing Day):
Lunch: cold cuts, cheese and chutney
Dinner: leftover venison stew

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