And what did I get?

My family might be small, but they know what I like. For Christmas I was given How To Cook, a beautiful 150th anniversary volume of Mrs Beeton compiled by Gerard Baker. The recipes have been chosen and adapted to suit the modern palate, and from the photographs they look both delicious and do-able. I’ll definitely be trying out the braised ox cheeks, the partidge recipes, and the salad of puy lentils and goats cheese. In fact, as soon as I finish writing this I am heading off to test out Mrs Beeton’s venison casserole (yes, I’m a little behind schedule!).

My favourite present has to be the macro lens and tripod for my digital SLR that I got from my beloved, but a close second is the Magimix Le Glacier 1.5 ice cream maker from my aunt and uncle. The base is in the freezer getting ready for the moment that I can bear to leave the house and bring back a litre (or so) of cream. I have a pamphlet full of nineteenth-century ice cream recipes I can’t wait to taste (and share with you on here of course). These were the big ones, but my smaller gifts were just as well chosen, particularly this mug, which is the only take on Keep Calm and Carry On I’ve seen that doesn’t make me lose my rag.


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