Meal planner #8

In a typical January-inspired flurry of guilt I nearly cancelled my veg box order – ‘my God!’ I hear you cry – but then I started to worry that I wouldn’t be able to blog without it, so I settled on cutting the fruit. Before you tell me my decision is at odds with the usual health-kick that follows Christmas excess, I’ll still be eating fruit, just the cheaper stuff from the supermarket.

Last week’s best recipes included my first homemade vanilla ice cream, Nigel Slater’s chicken and leek pie (remixed by my other half) and the surprisingly delicious brassica-fest that is River Cafe winter minestrone. Definitely a new favourite. I didn’t get round to making all the things I planned, and we indulged in a couple of meals out, so a few ideas have rolled over to this week. I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and give Mrs Beeton’s braised ox cheeks a try this week as it’s a good time to start using cheaper cuts. I’m also keen to try making some hokey pokey ice cream. I’ve never worked with sugar before, so I think I might follow Nigella Lawson’s honeycomb recipe.

In the box
Cabbage, tomatoes, turnip, red peppers, carrots, garlic, beetroot, baby butternut, Rudolph potatoes

In the fridge
Mushrooms, red cabbage, parsnips, celery sticks x 2, herbs, goats cheese, Stilton, chorizo, chestnuts.

Meat and fish
2 ox cheeks, 5 kilos beef bones for stock, 6 sausages, smoked mackerel fillets

Lunch: salmon kedgeree
Dinner: spicy parsnip soup and bread

Lunch: mushrooms on toast
Dinner: roasted beetroot risotto with crumbled goats cheese

Mrs Beeton jellied beef stock
Lunch: If there is any risotto left over I might make some of Niamh’s risotto balls or Nigel’s arancini
Dinner: Abel & Cole Spanish potatoes (with chorizo and poached egg)

Saturday: (plus Georgia)
Honeycomb ice cream
Lunch: Moro chestnut and chorizo soup
Dinner: Mrs Beeton’s braised ox cheeks

Lunch: leftover soup
Dinner: turnip gratin with leftover ox cheek and green lentils

Lunch: smoked mackerel with homemade ‘slaw
Dinner: sausage (or toad in the hole) with colecannon

Dinner: veggie curries and rice

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