Refurb #2

As I touched on in my previous post, our house has been a work-in-progress for a number of years, but it’s time to hit it now and try to make our space as liveable and lovable as we can.

Before our daughter was born in November 2011 we fitted solar panels, and while the scaffold was up, we thought it would be a good idea to take down the redundant chimney stack in her bedroom. The chimney was taking up over a square metre of floorspace in the second bedroom, creating an awkward bottleneck as you walked into the room that got filled up with clutter. Removing it has opened up the room and made it a much more usable space, with room for a small double instead of a single bed, and a lot more light.


In the photo above you can see what state the room is in this week. Keane has ripped out not just the chimney, but more recently he has taken off the doors and opened out what was an en suite shower room for the master bedroom. From the plasterboards he removed, we’re guessing the shower room was built in the mid-eighties. It was a shoddy job in the first place, and was in dire need of updating. On Saturday we bought a new suite at Bathstore, taking advantage of the January sale and extra 10% off promotion, and we intend to turn the space into a family bathroom servicing both bedrooms.


Here is a better view of our lovely exposed rafters, ready for some serious insulating, and below is Keane looking pretty nonchalant about the skip he’s just filled.


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