Meal plan #10

One of my new year’s resolutions is to develop an economical and ethical way of eating that isn’t boring. Last week it hit the news that almost half the world’s food is thrown away. It’s a shameful statistic, and something we really need to take action on. It makes me feel sick when I think of all the bags of sprouty spuds that have been laid to rest in my dustbin, but I am already doing something to better myself on this.

Planning our meals each week is the first thing I am doing to limit the amount of food wastage in my household. I’ve been doing this for just ten weeks, but I can already see that my bin is lighter and my purse heavier. Most surprisingly, when I stick to it, I find the time and effort I put into planning results in less work and less stress in the long run.

If you like the sound of my menus, I would be delighted to know that some of the time I’m spending over them can be of use to others. Of course, what you and your family likes to eat is a pretty personal thing, so I don’t expect many of you will be following my plans to a T, in fact, I can’t even seem to do that myself, but it’s a step in the right direction.

The Love Food Hate Waste website has loads more good suggestions about how to make better use of the food you buy, or grow, saving yourself time and money in the process.


Last week’s foody successes:
Keane’s chelsea buns (pictured) taken from Linda Collister’s Bread and his delicious honeycomb, which is much nicer than my last attempt (grrr).

Last week’s foody fails:
After a good start, the plan fell apart after we got back late from visiting family on Sunday. I went off-piste with a quick store-cupboard puttanesca on Sunday and Nigel Slater’s herby artichoke casserole on Monday. We had frozen pizzas on Tuesday, so by Wednesday we still had the pheasant and loads of veg leftover in the fridge. All I can say in my defence is, at least it hasn’t gone in the bin. Oh, and I also left the butternut squash in the oven overnight to get burnt to a crisp.


In the fridge:
Loads’a beetroot, feta, 1/2 celeriac, 3 carrots, 1/2 bag kale, broccoli, handful mushrooms, celery

In the box:
Carrots, leeks, red pepper, vine tomatoes, curly lettuce, spuds, red onions, cabbage

Meat and fish:
1 pheasant, chorizo, bacon (all leftover from last week), lamb mince, turkey breast, smoked haddock

Dinner: Moro pheasant with cloves, cinnamon and chestnuts with garlic mash

Apple bread
Lunch: out (yummy South American pinto soup at Buttercup Cafe, must try at home!)
Dinner: turkey stir fry

Lunch: borscht, maybe I’ll see whether Felicity Cloake’s version really is perfect.
Dinner: shepherd’s pie

Lunch: leftover borscht
Dinner: homemade pasta, this spaghetti dish with anchovy and dill breadcrumbs sounds interesting…

Lunch: minestrone soup and Nigel’s rye bread
Dinner: shepherd’s pie leftovers

Lunch: minestrone
Dinner: Spanish potatoes with chorizo and poached egg, greek salad

Dinner: smoked fish chowder, perhaps something like this?

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5 comments on “Meal plan #10

  1. January 19, 2013 at 12:01 am

    This is a delightful blog Chlo, very inspiring and interesting, in fact i’ve read the whole scaboodle i got so into it. Your parents taught you well. The offel meals got my pallet watering. Looking forward to reading about future developments in the kitchen.

    • January 19, 2013 at 8:17 am

      Thanks Tony, I’ll boil up some cheeks next time you guys come to visit xxx

  2. January 19, 2013 at 4:01 pm

    I hope you will be flattered if I steal your idea of blogging your weekly meal plans? Like you, I’ve been properly menu planning in order to reduce food waste, but have only been doing it successfully sporadically for a couple of months. And like you, I find that when I do it properly, I save time, food and money. What’s not to like?

    I don’t get a veg box, but I’m trying to go to the farmers shop and the butchers to do my weekly shop instead of the local supermarket, so I’m pretty much relying on what is seasonal (within reason). Today’s delight was (of course) seville oranges for making marmalade, which will be one of the extras for the week.

  3. April 24, 2014 at 3:10 pm

    what a lovely mealplan! we mealplan intermittently but need to do so more often.
    Not tried pheasant but anything by Moro is so delicious am sure it will be wonderful.

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