Links #2: food banks, kid cut-backs, dad mags

I was inspired to read Hattie Garlick (@hattiegarlick) in the Guardian and Telegraph, on why she is attempting to go a year without spending any money directly on her son. You can read all about her new life free of apple rice cakes and disposable nappies on her amusing blog, Free Our Kids.

If any of you choose to follow Hattie’s example by reducing spending on your kids this year (which could save you £8K), you’ll have a lot more cash to spend on cool magazines, like Kindling Quarterly a new Brooklyn-based indie mag aimed at dads.

While bourgeois journalists busy themselves with self-imposed spending fasts (and I include myself in this statement), in Breadline Britain more and more families are turning to Food Banks to save them from going hungry. The Trussell Trust partners with churches and communities to open new foodbanks nationwide. With over 250 foodbanks currently launched, their goal is for every town to have one. If anyone reading this is working to set one up in Lewes or Brighton, please contact me, I’d like to help.

In other (bad) news, as if I needed more encouragement to make my daughter tasty home cooked meals each night, studies now show that eating fast food more than three times each week can lead to allergic reactions including severe excema and asthma.

And finally, Tesco beef burgers are just right for the neighbours’ barbeque. Every little bit of meat helps. More, better, puns to be found here.

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