Meal plan #11

This recipe for Spanish spuds is fast becoming a favourite. It’s quick to make, and really satisfying, made with plenty of spicy chorizo and smoked paprika, and sweetened with a good squeeze of fresh orange. My only criticism is that there is no way this recipe serves four: it’s just right for two. This week I served this posh potato hash with sautéed kale and tomato which worked nicely, but Keane says he could have used two poached eggs.


On Tuesday I made smoked haddock kedgeree instead of the cullen skink I planned. I have already posted a kedgeree recipe so I won’t get too repetitive, but I thought it worth remembering that the dish works well with peas, panch phoran and fresh mint.


Not all of our meals were that tasty, however. I spotted this recipe on Twitter for Stylist mag’s polenta bake with feta and tomato. I did it my own way, with what we had left in the fridge on Monday night, and it was okay. Well, it would have been okay if we had eaten it on a sunny lunchtime in June, not for dinner on a snowy night in Jan. Keane said, grim faced, as he tried to make sense of the ‘odd texture’, that it ‘just doesn’t seem like your cooking Chlo.’ I won’t be making this again in a hurry.


In the box this week:
Giant butternut squash, lots of broccoli, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, chard, lemon, potatoes, carrots, courgettes (Hmn, I thought it was January?)

In the fridge:
2 leeks, cabbage, 1 beetroot, celery heart, chorizo, oregano

Meat and fish:

Lunch: River Cafe winter minestrone, adapted with flageolet beans, rosemary and leek.
Dinner: vegetarian lasagne made with minestrone and Greek style salad

Lunch: leftover minestrone
Dinner: leftover lasagne with carrot and beetroot salads

UPDATE: went to butcher on Thurs and remembered it’s Burns Night! We’re now having haggis and saving the chicken for the weekend.
Make: beef in beer for weekend, chicken stock
Lunch: Welsh rarebit
Dinner: spiced baked chicken with Moors and Christians baked haggis, neeps and tatties

Lunch: chicken soup
Dinner: beef in beer with mash spiced baked chicken with Moors and Christians

Lunch: leftover chicken soup
Dinner: chicken and leek pie

Dinner: chicken and butternut risotto

Dinner: hash with squash, chorizo and chickpeas

Dinner: (ambitious) homemade paneer tikka (or less so) veg curries with rice

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2 comments on “Meal plan #11

  1. January 24, 2013 at 7:26 pm

    Looking good Chlo, how is it going budgetwise? Can thoroughly recommend Lidl ‘hand salted’ smoke salmon, 200g, with scrambled egg
    (6) from Lewes Sunday market (big ones are often double yokers…really exciting) on wholemeal toast with a load of green salad leaves. About £5 for 3 servings….Yum!

    • January 24, 2013 at 8:45 pm

      Sounds lush Ben! Having done some further reading – will share – I’ve decided not to make a point of setting myself a minuscule food budget, I’m just trying to be sensible, plan as much as I can and shop around for best prices. How do you guys recommend I cook haggis? I’m stumped. Never eaten it before ‘cos the thought turns my stomach but I had another macho moment at the butcher today and bought meself a haggis to eat on Burns’ x

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