Meal plan #12

You may have noticed that I failed to plan my family’s meals last week, but do you know what? We still ate! Still, while my frivolity didn’t starve or bankrupt us, we did have more leftover veg in the fridge as a result. So with two half-eaten cabbages in mind, I think one week of reckless disorganisation is quite enough for me. It is time to get back on the ‘plagon’.

Friday update: I have had to rejig the menu slightly, I’m clearly out of practise!


In case you were missing it, here is a picture of last week’s freewheeling vegetable box.

In the box:
Broccoli, celeriac, lettuce, tomatoes, ramiro peppers, carrots, tomatoes, leeks, potatoes

In the fridge:
Chinese leaf, 1/2 red cabbage, swede, broccoli, celery heart, chicken stock, mushrooms

Meat, cheese and fish:
Salmon fillets, cod fillets, bacon, 800g beef shin, turkey breast, feta, Stilton

Dinner: salmon fillet with Chinese leaf and leek

Dinner: bacon and butterbean soup
Extras: I’m feeling competitive today so I might try making this celeriac and blue cheese soda bread from the Abel & Cole recipe competition

UPDATE: The celeriac and blue cheese bread was delish. Here are my photos:

Dinner: cod fillets baked in romesco sauce, feta and lentil tabbouleh, inspired by Katie at the Kitchen Door.

Lunch: I love the look of this Greek chicken, egg and lemon soup with brown rice on the beautiful US food blog, Katie at the Kitchen Door. I have turkey so I’m going to try making it with that in place of chicken, so this healthy dish of ‘ancient grains’ can be made even more virtuous. Fnar fnar.
After all these light meals I should think we’ll be craving some serious meat this weekend.
Dinner: how about my best beef in beer with sautéed red cabbage?

Update: we now have guests on Sat so we probably won’t have leftover stew. Instead I’ll make p a batch of my new favourite Nigel Slater flageolet bean and artichoke stew and give that a tasty cobbler topping. Apologies for the repetition!
Dinner: may try beefing up the leftover stew with a River Cottage cheesy cobbler topping… Or perhaps even a blue cheese and celeriac cobbler topping…

Dinner: spicy beans and (old faithful) chorizo with cous cous

Dinner: brown rice and tomato pilaf with veg

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