Meal plan #13

Thirteen, unlucky for some, and it turns out that it hasn’t been the luckiest week for us on the veg box front. We got two massive cabbages to add to the two halves that have been lurking in the fridge for a little too long already. I do love cabbages mind you, but three big ones is pushing it. I tweeted Abel & Cole about my bountiful brassicas and they said ‘uh oh‘ and ‘that’s a lot of greenery.’ My thoughts entirely.

In the box this week:
Chinese leaf, savoy cabbage, red pepper, celery, carrots, potatoes, giant swede, white mushrooms, a nice little lemon that looks like a miniature pumpkin and smells like a tangerine (pictured)


In the fridge:
1/2 Chinese leaf, 1/2 red cabbage, 1/2 swede, 1/5 celeriac, 1/2 leek, carrots, thyme, parsley, ginger, chilli

Meat and fish:
Whole chicken, chipolatas for stew, mussels, haddock fillets, smoked mackerel fillets, feta

Lunch: smoked mackerel pate on toast
Dinner: cullen skink with haddock and savoy cabbage, haha

Lunch: smoked mackerel pate on toast
Dinner: Keane is cooking moules frites for Valentine’s Day, exciting. S will have leftover cullen skink.

Dinner: sausage and bean stew

Lunch: root veg soup
Dinner: stir fry chicken noodles with mushrooms and Chinese leaf

Lunch: leftover root soup
Dinner: roast chicken, swede and garlic mash, red cabbage

Extras: chicken stock
Dinner: savoy cabbage panade made with fresh chicken stock, inspired by Hugh and Luisa who in turn were inspired by Zuni.

Dinner: I saw Maria Elia’s recipe for carrot pancakes with carrot hummus on Shrove Tuesday and thought it sounded lush. It requires more work than I would usually put in for a lunch dish or starter, but I may try making her carrot hummus to serve with carrot falafels, feta salad and pitta as a tasty vegetarian dinner. Falafel recipes: BBC Good Food spicy falafels, Simon Rimmer Carrot and coriander falafels, Jane Horby carrot falafels with sesame sauce.

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