Meal plan #14

I have been enduring a hefty bout of bronchitis this week which has left me coughing so violently I pulled a muscle. I am prone to a hacking cough but I haven’t had one this bad since I quit smoking two years ago. But! This is no place to feel sorry for myself. On the plus side I have discovered a great new recipe for rye and spelt bread which, just as Nige says, makes the most delicious toast. The spelt loaf I usually make is quicker and easier to cook but it is less economical on flour. The rye and spelt loaf has a finer texture, and I was impressed that it can be cut super thin for dainty open top sandwiches. The recipe makes two loaves, I followed it pretty closely, except I exchanged the walnuts for toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Next time I might reduce the amount of honey because I found the bread a little too sweet.

Rye and spelt toast with roasted roots and ginger soup

Another good find this week was this recipe for carrot falafel with sesame sauce. I have been put-off making falafel at home before now because I can never be bothered to deep fry anything and a few friends who have tried baking or shallow frying them have complained about them falling apart in cooking. I’m not sure if it’s this recipe, beginner’s luck, or the fact I followed Jane Horby’s advice and used a shallow pan with minimal oil, but not a single one of my falafels crumbled. They were no hassle to make, even using a hand blender in place of a food processor, and I’ll certainly be cooking them again. I will alter the seasoning though, because they were a touch too hot for my little girl.

Carrot falafel with sesame sauce and cous cous salad

In the box this week
Ramiro peppers, tomatoes, chard, beetroot, parsnips, carrots, potatoes, lettuce

In the fridge
Chinese leaf(!), savoy cabbage, celery, 1/3 swede

Meat, fish and dairy
Trout x 2, lamb shoulder, a little minced beef

Lunch: roasted root soup and bread
Dinner: pizza and salad
Extras: pink beetroot, almond and apricot tea loaf

Friday with Teresa, no vit K
Lunch: winter minestrone
Dinner: baked trout with root vegetable gratin

Saturday with Georgia
Lunch: soup and bread
Dinner: lamb tagine

Sunday – Purim
Dinner ideas: chard in place of vine leaves for dolmas; Turkish pizza, pide or lahmajun; kreplach or ‘Jewish ravioli’ – pasta squares stuffed with ground meat or potatoes – are traditionally served on Purim.

Dinner: kushiri, Egyptian street food, recipe from Veggistan by Sally Butcher

Dinner: mussels and chips

Dinner: Afgan carrot hotpot, or Qorma-e-Zardak, again from Veggistan, my new book, and the first Kindle format cookbook I have ever bought. I fear this is the first of many.

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