Meal plan #15

You can imagine my anxiety this morning when I received a call from Katherine at Abel & Cole saying:

I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for you. The medium veg box that you have got on order for delivery today, unfortunately we’re not going to be able to deliver that…

What… my organic vegetable order is in another county you say? Wilting and softening somewhere in south-east England when I could be photographing it for my blog… surely not! On the upside, Abel & Cole say they will not be charging me for the absconded veg, and it gives me necessity to put that Chinese leaf to use at long last. I should just sack the bloody veg box and get on with growing my own, at least then I’d know where my brassicas are withering.

Last week’s meal plan was inspired by the Jewish festival of Purim that fell on Sunday 24th. To be honest I did not make kreplach for tea as I said I would. This article put me off the idea of making the traditional beef dumplings in stock, and by the time I had adapted the recipe to my tastes I had wound up with tagliatelle bolognese.


I did make my own pasta though. I have boasted a number of times that it is ‘well easy to make pasta without a pasta machine.’ I take it back. It’s not easy. It takes ages and on a cold day in February making tagliatelle with a rolling pin is hard work. I hit my ‘pasta wall’ on Saturday night, after it took me about two hours to make dinner. Now I’m going to scour eBay for a cheap secondhand pasta roller because even after the exertion of making it, homemade pasta is still the best.


I made a massive lamb tagine on Sunday, so not entirely off piste, and it served us well on Monday and Tuesday too. It was exciting to finally put my homemade preserved lemons to good use. Last night I bulked out what was left of the tagine by serving it with a popular Egyptian street food called kushari from a recipe in Sally Butcher’s Veggiestan. My daughter absolutely loved the dish of double carbs made with rice, lentils and macaroni in an onion, tomato and chilli sauce. I will definitely make kushari again.


S was grabbing handfuls of the stuff and licking it off the serving spoon so I tweeted Sally Butcher to say her recipe was a hit. I was chuffed that Sally got back to me offering her seal of approval.


I made another dish from Veggiestan for tea tonight, here is a pic of my Afghan carrot hotpot (made with a selection of root veg), which also went down well with the little one. But enough about what we’ve already eaten, it’s about time I worked out what’s going down next…

Dinner: stuffed chinese leaf with walnuts, carrot hotpot and brown rice

Dinner: mussels and chips (planned to cook this on Tuesday but we had plenty of tagine left so there was no need.)

Dinner: curry goat with rice and peas

Dinner: roast chicken and trimmings

Dinner: leftover curry goat patties or chicken panade
Extras: chicken stock

Dinner: panade or Turkish pizza with feta (another Veggiestan recipe)

Dinner: potato hash with poached eggs

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3 comments on “Meal plan #15

  1. March 5, 2013 at 9:55 pm

    Loved your post, Double carbs! My cookery inspiration is from the 1980’s veggie recipes from Cranks and my 16 month loves them. Some of my recipes are on my blog, healthy and great value to make.

    • March 5, 2013 at 10:37 pm

      Hey Sam, thanks for your comment, can thoroughly recommend the double carbs! Cranks sounds ace, I will look it up… Will also swerve over to you in a bit. Do come again 🙂

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