Smoked cod & potato moon with pesto

The only problem with making custard ice cream is that you get left with loads of egg whites, but you mustn’t throw them away. Egg whites freeze really well, so I tend to put them in a carton marked with the quantity and keep them in the freezer until the day comes when I am brave enough to try making macaroons. If you keep a tally you can keep adding whites to the carton until you have enough to make a massive meringue. And if you don’t fancy freezing your leftover whites you can use them to make this tasty tortilla with smoked cod and potato. I served it for dinner with some homemade parsley, mint and walnut pesto and a mixed salad. My daughter scoffed it down hungrily and I also thought it was scrummy, particularly for such a low-fat meal. Well, it was virtuous until I ate a load of double-custard ice cream for dessert.

Smoked cod and potato moon omelette

Serves 1 (and a baby)

4 egg whites
2-3 potatoes
1 clove garlic
Smoked cod fillet
Bay leaf
Sprig thyme
Salt and pepper

Peel, halve and par-boil the potatoes in plenty of water. When they have about five minutes left to cook, place the smoked cod, thyme and bay leaf in a steamer above the potatoes and season well with black pepper. Let the potatoes and fish cook for a few minutes.

Slice the potatoes and roughly flake the fish. Heat a little vegetable oil in an omelette pan until very hot, cover the bottom of the pan in slices of potato and leave to brown for a couple of minutes; add the chopped garlic and then layer up the fish and remaining sliced potato to make a ‘sandwich’.

Pour over the seasoned egg whites and leave to cook on the hob until the base of the omelette is firm. Finish under a hot grill, until the egg is cooked.

Serve the omelette upside-down with fresh pesto and salad.



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