Meal plan #18

It’s been a lonely old week with Mr Keane off on an overseas trip so I have been seeking some comfort in the form of a smoked bacon joint and plenty of mashed potato. My butcher cut me a beautiful chunk of smoked bacon with virtually no fat on it for £7.50. It fed two adults and three small kids for a St Patrick’s Day lunch with champ and greens, then on Monday I made a green lentil and bacon stew from the remaining half and the cooking liquor. The stew equalled two dinners for me and the tiny one, as well as a lunch (watered down a bit to make a tasty soup). Now if that isn’t good value I don’t know what is.


A pic of my lentil and bacon stew, complete with a side of broccoli ‘on the turn’

The best thing about champ is the potential for making a jolly fine bubble and squeak from the leftovers. Here is a photo of the humble but fine lunch I made on Monday from the leftover champ and greens and a perfect fried egg. Well, it might not look it to you but thought that egg was pretty perfect.


Only trouble with eating bacon, mash and lentils for three days, is that you get left with lots of greens. Yet again I forgot to check what was coming in the veg box this week so I now have enough green salad to feed three supermodels for a week. On the upside, I have managed to put my bevvie of cabbages to good use in the form of this minestrone soup. Before you say you’ve seen this one before, it is not identical to the River Cafe version. This one has some chorizo thrown in, borlotti beans and a load of tomato.


Tonight I put some of the minestrone in the fridge for lunch and made a vegetarian lasagne with the rest, adding plenty of cooked red lentils to make the soup thick like ragu. I’ve put a very similar recipe up here already, so if you’re tempted do try my mum’s vegetarian lasagne you know where it is. All in all, I was pretty damn pleased with my low effort, low cost cooking over the last few days… until I saw what my other half has been eating that is.


In the box this week
Cherry tomatoes, curly lettuce, parsnips, carrots, potatoes, broccoli, courgettes, green cabbage

In the fridge
Chiogga beetroot x 3, spring onions, chillies, lemongrass, Greek yoghurt, chorizo, mixed salad

Meat and fish
Free range chicken, fish for chowder

Lunch: minestrone soup and bread
Dinner: vegetarian lasagne with green salad

Dinner: chowder and bread

Extras: courgette and lime cake
Lunch: Saturday fry
Dinner: broccoli and tahina bake with pasta (Veggiestan)

Dinner: pot roast chicken with veg

Extras: chicken stock
Dinner: chicken and green cabbage panade I still haven’t tried this even though I’m desperate to!

Dinner: root vegetable tagine and tabbouleh

Dinner: leftover tagine

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