Meal plan #19

It’s been another unadventurous week on the food front. Nannie T came down on Friday so I cooked a salmon chowder for tea with a handful of prawns thrown in, then on Saturday I made Lebanese poached chicken – again. I must say that poaching must be the most frugal way to cook a whole chicken, you seem to get a lot more meat off than with a roasted bird, and as with last week’s bacon joint, it seemed to last most of the week.

On Saturday we ate the chicken more or less as Sam and Sam Clark intended with herby bulgar wheat cooked in the stock, then on Sunday baby and me had a makeshift sunday roast, with roasted veg and a sauce made from the leftover stock. Of course it wasn’t a proper roast with crispy skin and a dark, rich gravy, but it was super low effort and just fine for one and a tot.


On Monday I used the rest of the spiced chicken stock to make this cleansing stew with plenty of brown rice, carrots, parsley, onion and chicken. My daughter thought this simple dish was the most scrummy thing ever. I ate the stew as a chunky soup for lunch and in the evening I cooked off the rest of the liquid and served the fragrant chicken-y rice with a root vegetable tagine, spiced up with a teaspoon of my new baharat and a dollop of homemade harissa paste. I was a little trepidatious but the combination was very nice indeed.


We used up the remaining bits of chicken in a risotto on Tuesday night, then on Wednesday I made another favourite dish from The Moro Cookbook – again. This time it was a version of their chickpeas and spinach, but in place of spinach I used a whole head of chard. I served this with grilled halloumi, fresh tomato and brown bread. The chickpeas and chard are cooked separately then stirred into a dry paste made from fried bread, garlic, cumin, paprika, cayenne, fresh oregano, red wine vinegar and saffron. I think it is scrumptious, Keane is surprised how filling it is, and S finds it way too spicy. Selfish mummy.

Bet you can’t guess what this week’s theme is? Yes, it’s EASTER. Since I can count my family members on fewer than two hands, I don’t have to stress over cooking a massive holiday feast. Instead, I’m going to head over to the Brighton and Hove Food and Drink Festival and see what goodies I can pick up. On Good Friday and Easter Saturday the Big Sussex Market is being held on New Road, Jubilee Street and Jubilee Square with over 80 farmers, producers and restaurants touting their wares. And over in Victoria Gardens there will be a Children’s Food Festival and a Live Food Show with some of Brighton’s ‘top chefs’ giving cookery demonstrations. It all sounds pretty inspiring, so I think I might hold off planning what we’re going to eat over the holiday until tomorrow. Flying by the seat of my pants? Don’t you just know it.

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