Meal plan #21

When I started this blog I thought I knew about food. I also thought that keeping it would give me a kick up the proverbial and force me to start cooking a broader variety of things, be more organised, and therefore more economical in the kitchen. All of those things blogging has helped me achieve, with the added bonus of making me realise how much I have yet to learn. I mean. THERE IS SO MUCH TO BLOODY KNOW!


But don’t let that put you off, I think to myself. Look at this mushroom risotto you made last Friday, doesn’t it look so much prettier than the mushroom risottos you used to make? And it has farro in it, you didn’t even know what farro was last Monday.


My learning continued over the weekend when I made two curries from Atul Kochhar’s new book Atul’s Curries of the World. Not only is he an inspiring Michelin-starred chef, but Atul is also such a nice chap he contacted me via Twitter to say:

This, and the fact that I made a jolly good job of the curries made me swell with pride. But you know what they say. On Tuesday evening I over-baked my eggs:


But they were still pretty tasty. I just made a quick tomato and onion sauce, threw in some chopped wild garlic that I found when out walking the dog and cracked over two eggs before putting in the oven for, er, too long. Good, cheap, easy meal (provided you keep an eye on those yolks).


And then yesterday I went to brighton and bagged myself a cilt head sea bream, locally caught by Jems Fresh Fish. I think at £4 the sea bream was a really good buy, and just as I was wondering what to do with it, Iain Chambers at Seven Bees Cafe came to my rescue on Twitter by offering up the suggestion that I cook it en papillote with lemon and rosemary.


I only had half a hard lime, a third of a hard lemon and a fairly juicy orange so I put those in the bag along with some fresh rosemary and bay from the garden and the rest of the wild garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper. It could have used a drop of white wine (and so could I) but we didn’t have any of that. Needless to say, the sea bream was delicious to eat, and no hassle to prepare.


So, what exotic delights have we next? Er, well, fish ‘n’ chips, pizza and a roast chicken of course. Standard.

Veggie casserole and baked potatoes

Fish and chips

Me: Mexican night with the ladies
The fam: pizza

Roast chicken, spuds and trimmings

Ottolenghi courgettes cooked in yoghurt (minced lamb, chicken stock)

Abel & Cole veg box teriyaki or somesuch virtuous bowl of stuff

Moro aubergine and tomato pilaf with grilled mackerel

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