Meal plan #22

Wow. More than a week has passed with me only having cooked one evening meal. Just one! I had a bit of a panic when I thought about writing this post about my culinary experiences, but I decided it was unfounded, for although I haven’t cooked much, I have eaten plenty.

On Saturday I went to the Kaffe Fassett exhibition with my friend Georgia. We had lunch at Caphe House on Bermondsey Street, both choosing the Vietnamese noodle soup with rare beef and prawn ‘summer rolls’ to share. I was greedy and had the large bowl, pictured, for £7.20.


The clear soup was really refreshing, full of rice noodles, coriander and spring onion and seasoned with chilli, lemon and soy. The cafe is compact with only a handful of tables so it’s not a great place to while away a weekend lunch, but still, the food is unpretentious, well cooked and good value so it’s well worth a visit.

From there we went to St Albans for fajitas and margaritas with Rosie and Becky. At Kings Cross Station we couldn’t walk past Peyton & Byrne without going in. I’m a sucker for nice packaging and Peyton & Byrne has some of the most delicious branding around. Thankfully their cakes are as good as their typeface, but we were pretty peeved to find there were only three in the box when we had asked for four. The cheesecake was missing, and I have photographic evidence of our order (P&B, if you’re reading this, please send cheesecake!)


The cakes we did buy were all eaten in minutes. The passionfruit and hazelnut and chocolate, strawberry and pistachio with their gooey, fruity fillings were like nothing I have tasted before and the classic coffee and walnut was scrumptious too. (NB. we had the mini ones, not the ones pictured, greedy.)


We stopped in at Morrison’s on the way to pick up some limes and mint. The St Albans branch we visited is a flagship store, and a cut above my local Tesco. The herb counter even billows out moisture clouds that look like dry ice. After an evening on the cocktails (don’t call the social, young Iris is on fruit juice, photo by G), I was pleased to find Mozza’s flagship caff also sells a cheap fry-up. Apologies for the lack of detail about Rosie and Becky’s fajitas, they were delicious, but it was dark, and I was having fun.


And at this point, Keane needs to take a bow for making homemade burgers on Friday, cottage pie on the weekend and this splendid Persian roast chicken stuffed with rice on Tuesday night (pictured). The spiced rice stuffing studded with dried pomegranate seeds and infused with chicken juices is superb, I just wish there was more of it. On Wednesday I used up the leftover chicken with a simple Moro aubergine and tomato pilaf, a hit with my little girl, and to make a litre of decent stock for homemade soup.

Because I have a back-log of cookbooks to review, this week is going to be planned around recipe tests. Exciting!

Baked fish, hash pan with broad beans (The Green Kitchen)

Huevos rancheros (Dorset Cereals Breakfast Book)
Dark Danish Rye Bread (The Green Kitchen)
Lamb tagine

Coconut and spelt bread with berry compote (Dorset Cereals Breakfast Book)
Lamb tagine

Mascarpone beanotto with oyster mushrooms and spinach (The Green Kitchen)

Chorizo onion tortilla, potatoes, broccoli salad

Baked chicken, lemony fennel and lentil salad



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