Food diary #23: fish ‘n’ chips, fish in a bag, hash, tagine

It’s been a long time coming this year but I finally got a load of salad veg in my box this week which means it must be Spring! To celebrate, I started writing this post from the comfort of my local park, and I’ve even spring cleaned the title. My weekly ‘meal plan’ posts are a mainstay of this blog but they have evolved to become more about reflection than prediction, so I have chosen to retitle this weekly series my ‘food diary’. ‘How original,’ I hear you say. Well quite. I do my best.


This weekend we went to Hastings to see our friends Jess and Tim. Jess grew up in Hastings and has a real good feel for the place. She took us to ‘Hastings’ best chippy,’ The Blue Dolphin, and we ate our takeaway on the beach. Haddock, chips, mushy peas and pickled onions. Watching the sea. Total bliss.


Along the High Street we happened upon A G Hendy Homestore, a very good looking shop and fish restaurant. We also enjoyed a pint or two at The Stag, a lovely old pub, the oldest serving pub in Hastings in fact. The bar has a box frame on the wall containing two mummified cats that were found there during a refurb and the tiered beer garden leads up to a large wicker man. We arrived at The Stag on the same day a regular, so it seems, did depart. I love pubs like this.


Last week I planned our meals around the fact I have a bit of a backlog of cookery books to review. I didn’t cook everything as planned, but I did pretty well, starting with this vegetarian hash inspired by The Green Kitchen. It was tasty enough, but I’m no good at following recipes for dishes like this which are meant to be the contents of your salad drawer in a pan. I didn’t have any dill so I substituted it with chives, in fact I substituted many of the ingredients, and I served the hash with poached eggs instead of raw yolks because I thought it was a bit of a culinary conceit. Is it common in Sweden to serve just the raw yolks? If so, what are the leftover whites used for?


I bought some hake because it was on offer at the supermarket and I cooked it en papillote with lemon, herbs, white wine and garlic: classic, easy and good, served with a green salad and sautéed potatoes. I also made a lamb tagine from a recipe in Atul’s Curries of the World. It wasn’t as good as the South Indian and Sri Lankan curries I have cooked from the book, but the diced lamb shoulder was succulent and sweet among the dried apricots and toasted almonds. To use up the copius veg that was leftover, including what I hope to be the last I see of cabbage until Autumn, I made a vat of minestrone soup. I also cooked a few more interesting dishes but you’ll have to wait for those damn book reviews to hear about them… Promise it won’t be long.

Baked trout with ‘slaw and white beans


Roast pork belly
Extras: Celeriac soda bread/Danish rye

Tortilla wraps, leftover ‘pulled’ pork and chilli beans

Halloumi and pilaf

Tahini chicken with grilled veg couscous

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2 comments on “Food diary #23: fish ‘n’ chips, fish in a bag, hash, tagine

  1. April 27, 2013 at 6:09 pm

    I am so hungry right now! I need to come and live with you. You’d hardly notice me… honest!

    • April 28, 2013 at 8:21 am

      Be my guest, we have plenty of fish n beans to go round! X

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