Food diary #24: fish and kids, chocolate cake, beanotto, fajitas

It’s getting to the point at which I should re-name this blog Gannet en Papillote since it seems to be the only way I cook fish at the moment. It is a habit that is easy to justify, because it requires few ingredients, is quick to do, and in my experience, hard to get wrong. Last Friday we had trout en papillote with a homemade ‘slaw and sauteed potatoes. The guy on the fish counter advised me against buying trout because of the little one. What nonsense.


Yes, trout has fine bones, but when it is cooked this way they are easy to remove. A giant trout that served three of us comfortably cost £4, the same price as two small, anaemic-looking salmon fillets. About to have a bit of a rant now, but I think this kind of hypersensitivity towards what it is safe to feed children is a big reason why families tend to a. eat the same stuff all the time or b. overspend on food or c. both. I’m no doctor, but I would have thought a restricted diet poses a much greater risk to a child’s health than a fish bone. And yes, before you say it, I have admitted to eating en papillote ‘all the time’ but the magic is, it’s a totally different dish depending on what fish you use.


So, on the subject of healthy eating, we move on to birthday weekend! Not my birthday weekend, but my pal Georgia’s (check out the cushion I made her) and my uncle Ben’s. I was too hungover from Georgia’s do to bake a cake for Ben so instead I picked up this tasty More Food chocolate cake from Waitrose. More Food are based in Chichester, not far from me, and their choc cake is about as close to a homemade one that I have found at a supermarket. We ate it with strawberries and clotted cream. YUM!


And here is ‘beanotto’ number two. I have been testing recipes from The Green Kitchen over the past week or so for a review I am writing. I made the beanotto twice because I had loads of beans and mascarpone left over from the first time. If you’re not put-off by the pretentious name, the recipe is a cinch to do, and quicker than a regular risotto, provided your beans are pre-cooked. Last week I made it with oyster mushrooms and spinach as per the recipe, but this week I substituted with regular mushrooms and grated courgette. It’s creamy and tasty but I must admit, beanotto is not as satisfying as risotto. It probably says more about me than the recipe, but I enjoyed the beanotto most the following day, served up with a load of butcher’s bangers and sweet, buttery new potatoes.


Yesterday was such a glorious day I splashed out on some really summery ingredients and prepared a load of smoky chicken fajitas. I was in a bit of a hurry to cook them after getting home quite late from the park with a tired little girl, but miraculously, I got the spicing nearly spot-on for my taste so I will be sharing the recipe on here shortly. It’s been a while since I posted a recipe so I hope it doesn’t disappoint.


This week’s box: what a relief to see a load of red summery veg and NO GREEN POINTED CABBAGE IN SIGHT… Hang on, what is that? KOHLRABI?

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2 comments on “Food diary #24: fish and kids, chocolate cake, beanotto, fajitas

  1. May 3, 2013 at 1:37 pm

    Beanotto ! Genius! I am on it! I’ve had a microwave arrive that can actually bake – and being 3 years without an oven now I cannot wait to make lasagne tonight! Lovely lovely photos x

    • May 3, 2013 at 4:36 pm

      That is a very well deserved lasagne, enjoy!

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