Food diary #25: tag bol, griddle pans, prawn curry, fried chicken

Last week I got carried away with all the prep for my supper club on 7th June so I failed to write my food diary/meal plan post that has been a mainstay of this blog since I started. But! I’m back on the wagon with more mundane tales from my kitchen table, beginning with this meddly from last week which shows that the sun has been shining enough to justify much use of my griddle pan.


The opening picture is of my little girl at Plumpton Agricultural College Open Day last Saturday. She and her friend Bonnie were delighted with their windmills, and I was pretty delighted with my purchase of a 500g bag of Sussex’s finest haloumi from High Weald Dairy at 25% off. By my friend Fiona’s recommendation I also walked away with a tasty jar of spicy aubergine chutney handmade by Bartie’s Sussex Faire. Also pictured is my tag Bolognese that served us for much of last week, a tasty frittata made with courgette ribbons, a kind of cod Provancale, and a warm potato and bean salad served with grilled haloumi, roasted tomatoes and beetroot.


My favourite cookbook find of this year has to be Atul’s Curries of the World, and yet again, it did not disappoint with this South Indian prawn and tamarind curry I cooked on Tuesday. I served the curry with a carrot salad dressed in lemon juice, toasted cumin and mustard seeds (four grated carrots, juice of half a lemon, 1 tsp mustard seeds, 1/2 tsp whole cumin, cooked until fragrant in sunflower oil). The curry is made using a spice paste of onion, cloves, garlic, black pepper, chilli and cumin. This is added to cooked onion, mustard seeds, fresh ginger, curry leaves and fenugreek to make a deliciously rich sauce. I made a basic red lentil daal for baby because the prawn curry would have been too hot for her.


As a lover of spicy food I have occasionally given my little girl food with too much heat. I wanted to cook jerk chicken, rice and peas this week but I didn’t have time to marinate the chicken and I was concerned that S wouldn’t manage it. So, I came up with what I consider to be a pretty damn good alternative: fried chicken with jerk curry sauce, rice and peas. The jerk sauce can be served separately so the kids don’t have to battle with scotch bonnets. The recipe worked so well I have cooked it twice this week, and I will share on here shortly.


I thought I would knock my meal planning on the head for a week or two to see how I got on, and perhaps predictably, it has resulted in a crisis of underused veg. So far I haven’t had to commit much of it to my brilliant new food waste bin (courtesy Lewes District Council) but I have enough lurking in my fridge to remind me that I had better decide what I’m going to do with it before we head off to Dieppe on Thursday…

In the fridge: 1/2 small red cabbage, baby spinach, yellow pepper, carrots (lots), broccoli (lots), celery, mushrooms, cauliflower, baby toms, rhubarb (lots), mangoes x 2, haloumi, bacon, eggs

Cauliflower and broccoli gratin
To freeze: Carrot and coriander soup

Brunch: bacon, egg and mushrooms
Dinner: out

Grilled haloumi and sweet pepper with coleslaw and warm potato salad
To test: rhubarb and everything

Rabbit pie, potatoes, broccoli

Rabbit pie, potatoes, broccoli

Mackerel fillets with whatever is left…

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