Food diary #26: microbreweries, pop-up bars, food tosserati

I spent the weekend catching up with old friends in South London fuelled on beer, burgers and bangers. Aside from the Ikea hotdog that gave me the shakes – yes, I’ve gone soft – my highlight had to be the discovery of The Beer Rebellion pop-up bar at the bottom of Gipsy Hill.

I spoke to Nikolai who tells me the bar is the brainchild of Steve Keegan who defected from Fullers to set up his own microbrewery in Penge named Late Knights Brewery. The Beer Rebellion is the first Late Knights bar; it occupies a former restaurant and opened at the end of April on a short three-month lease. Their plan is to open other similar pop-up bars selling specially selected craft beers as local as possible.

I’m told The Beer Rebellion has had a great reception by locals who appreciate the eight rotating cask beers, six ciders and fifty-plus bottles of speciality beers from the UK and US. It certainly seems to be offering something utterly different from the rest of the pubs in the Crystal Palace area. Keane and I totally loved the atmosphere which is somewhere between a Berlin squat bar, a New York dive and a jolly good boozer. We were also thoroughly impressed with the size of the homemade scotch eggs on sale.


I first read the term ‘food tosserati’ on Helen Graves’ brilliant blog Food Stories (she uses it in this ingenious post about making scrambled eggs in a Thermos flask). While I am yet to obtain a vacuum-sealing machine like Helen, there are a number of things I do which I think qualify me as a member of the Food Tosserati. One of these is my habit of taking photos of flat whites on my iPad, although perhaps this has more to do with my being a mum blo-sser. Either way, when I found myself in a cafe in the newly gentrified Brixton Village watching my friend pour himself a glass of water over an enamel pan, I certainly felt like a tosser.


Aside from my visit to London, this week has been pretty uninspiring on the food front. I planned to make some more rabbit pies in preperation for my supper club on 7th June but I didn’t get to the butcher in time to cook and eat the rabbit before we head to Dieppe for the weekend. My menu has therefore been based around what I could squeeze out of what we had, and judging by what remains in the fridge, I’ve done pretty well.


The best meal had to be these carrot falafels I made on Sunday, served with a quinoa salad, pitta and homemade hummous. Yes, I was trying to cleanse myself of the weekend’s excess. I used just parsley stalks in the falafel mix which worked as well as if I had used the leaves – worth bearing in mind when cooking with leftovers. Fast forward to Wednesday, I cooked a green lentil and vegetable stew with cheese and thyme scones – the first thing my daughter has actually helped me to cook! I’m afraid I haven’t got any cute pictures of her doing so; I was trying, and failing, to keep her from falling off the chair. Thankfully she wasn’t hurt…

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2 comments on “Food diary #26: microbreweries, pop-up bars, food tosserati

  1. June 1, 2013 at 6:12 am

    This place looks great, I’m going to try and hot foot it across Dulwich Park for a visit this weekend.

    • June 1, 2013 at 6:48 am

      Do it Bev! I got all nostalgic for Inside 72 x

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