Five a day: Carrie May

The fourth installment of my five-a-day series features London-based illustrator Carrie May who is such a keen eater she sent me seven photos of what she has been munching on recently. Seven!

Carrie doesn’t just make work about food but, as you can see from the illustrations presented here, she does have a particular skill for drawing around that theme. Carrie’s portfolio includes work for Waitrose Weekend, the gourmet hotdog and champagne bar Bubbledogs and food marketing company Nickthat. Carrie recently created a series of drawings of London parks for The London Magazine and is ‘just piecing together a high street of shops for Selvedge’ alongside a book cover for Hodder and some children’s book samples. Busy woman: she clearly needs plenty of fuel!


‘To start the day: granola aloha! I’m a big fan of the crunch. And for a mid-morning snack? Baked sheep. I found this funny cutter and baked some biscuit sheep…


‘These grow your own mushroom kits are amazing and fascinating…


‘For lunch I might have egg and spinach with nutmeg and smoked salmon on toast. I love eggs.


‘And I’ll often make a batch of tomato sauce from fresh tomatoes and herbs.


‘For tea, sardines on toast… just like Mr Tumnus in Narnia.


‘And after dinner, cheese avec vin rouge is one of my favourite treats.’

Bubbledogs of London gourmet hotdog and Champagne bar
Valentine’s Day cover for Waitrose Weekend celebrating ‘Love of Food’
Self-initiated illustration of the various cuts of beef
Ingredients illustrations commissioned by chef Steve Durham
5-a-day illustration for Nickthat


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2 comments on “Five a day: Carrie May

  1. July 4, 2013 at 12:28 pm

    LOVE these illustrations, this is a lovely series Chloe

    • July 4, 2013 at 12:37 pm

      Thanks Sarah. If you know anyone who might like to take part do send them my way 🙂 I heard word of a brand new Sussex gin yesterday, to be launched later this year… Will fill you in!

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