Links #8: the long-awaited return

This week…

My stomach turned at the thought of ‘grow your own’ steaks.

But news of Stripped Back chef Ben Spalding’s residency at Lucky Beach Brighton on 4th and 5th September made me hungry.

…As did the launch of the UK’s first street food app. The British Street Food App devised by Street Food Revolution author Richard Johnson (and co.) displays GPS maps to help users find the best street food in their locality.

I was also impressed by the Depressed Cake Shop, Miss Cakehead’s new pop-up bakery that sells grey cakes as an inventive means to raise awareness and promote discussion of mental health issues. (Thanks to Iris at Whatever Gets You Through The Day for the link.)

And I was pleased by the ever-growing resourcefulness of Hattie at Free Our Kids, who posted this tutorial showing how to turn superfluous canvas shopping bags into kid’s aprons.

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