Links #9: new domesticity, more food poverty, more depressing cakes

This week:

As a bread baking, quilt making, baby-led weaning boho mother of one I’m enjoying Homeward Bound, Emily Matchar’s new book on the rising popularity of what she terms the ‘new domesticity’. I’m also pleased with my (long overdue) discovery of The History Kitchen blog.

On a darker note, I was shocked by this article underlining how a 78% rise in food bank inquiries has taken place the last six months. Food poverty is a huge and growing issue in the UK that I consider to be a shame on our wreckless government.

I live in Lewes, a town wrongly thought too prosperous to be affected by food poverty, where a third food bank has now opened. In nearby Brighton, one of their busiest banks is under threat of closure. If you would like to find out more about donating to food banks, visit Fairshare and the Trussell Trust.

This might not be the most tasteful moment to mention it, but I have spotted a trend for macabre confections. The master of the dark cake format has to be Miss Cakehead whose Depressed Cake Shop I mentioned last week. Now Walls is getting in on the act with a Sci-fi glow-in-the-dark Cornetto, and this week Huff Post featured both the story of this crap black wedding cake and this Breaking Bad-inspired blue meth cake. Signs of the times, eh?

I recently featured Stan’s Snow Cones on my post about StrEAT, but my friend Kate over at Little Lewes gives the full story of this young man’s remarkable entrepreneurship. I’m told that the next Lewes street food market will be held on August 31st.

And finally, if you want to keep up to date with the food movement, you might get some good use from this handy list of food and agriculture Twitter handles.


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