Links #10: cucamelons, carrot rolls, Jamie bashing

I’m thinking I might be less than qualified for this food blogging malarkey because after last week’s misdemeanours, I have now managed to boil a pan of water totally dry until it started to smell. This either means I am a crap cook, or I have a lot on. I prefer to think the latter.

Part of what I have on at the moment, is my involvement with my town’s annual food festival OctoberFeast. Among other things I have been editing a blog series on the OctoberFeast website introducing (and stealing recipes from) the many talented people who are taking part in this year’s event. You can take a read of the full list of interviews here. My favourite recipe is currently Petra Lovelock of Nordic Kitchen‘s delicious-sounding (and quick) carrot rolls.

Jamie Oliver has come under fire this week for his comments about modern day poverty and working hours. While his comments infuriate me they don’t come as much surprise. I suggest if you read one article on the topic of Jamie Oliver this week let it be this one by Rachel McCormack.

Again, I’m late to the party but I have been very much enjoying Messy Nessy Chic blog this week, particularly these posts on Croatia’s Bay of Abandoned Hotels and Grecian roadside chapels. More on topic, through the aforementioned blog I also discovered these crazy cucamelons, grape-sized sour gherkins that taste like lemony cucumbers, and another good blog called Wanderlust and Food Stuff.

Other foodie posts I enjoyed reading this week include David Lebovitz’s insane kit bag for going on holiday, Always So Hungry’s post about sourdough and The History Kitchen on Herbert Hoover’s Meatless Mondays.


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