Food diary #31: pie, pastry, beurre a l’orange

I’m excited to say that this week not one but two of my recipes have made it onto channels alternative to this one. First of all, Alex and Robbie, the good guys at Espresso Mushroom Co published my recipe for EMC mushroom and ale pie on their website. The recipe is one I developed for the veggies at my first supper club so it’s been tried and tested. It’s best made with Harvey’s Copperwheat if you can get it.

Then, on Tuesday, Alex Leith interviewed me for the recipe feature in next month’s edition of Viva Lewes magazine, for which I showed him how to make a decent rough puff pastry. I won’t spoil the surprise for local readers, but for the rest of you, I promise to post my recipe for borsht and rough puff savouries (pictured) on here next month.


I took the aforementioned pasties down to the Lewes OctoberFeast launch event at Lewes Tourist Info, where I’m ashamed to admit that they paled in comparison to the amazing array of canapés on offer. Here you can see Committee Members Tony and Peter posing with the Mayor, Ruth O’Keefe and an impressive platter courtesy of The Snowdrop Inn.

My OctoberFeast pop-up event on 4th October is now fully booked but I am looking for more food blogger types to join me for a drink at The Lewes Arms on 1st October, it’s free, more details here.


After my epic pastry-making session on Tuesday I had a load of lovely rough puff in the fridge so I whipped up a tasty chicken and mushroom pie with mash. This week I also cooked a fine moussaka from this recipe by Felicity Cloake and a tasty ratatouille sweetened with a touch of leftover beetroot soup. And, for a quick Friday night dinner, potato hash and a fried egg, pictured against one of my daughter’s lovely drawings.


Which brings me to this proud moment from a couple of weeks back, when my daughter created her first ever ‘dish’. She stood on a chair at the worktop, focused on creating this ‘beurre a l’orange’ that looks surprisingly like a boob, proving, I think, that she is a chip off the old block.

What has your family been cooking lately?

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