Not-over popovers

I wonder how many new inventions have been borne out of misunderstandings? Millions I imagine, like these breakfast breads I made from my grandmother’s recipe book. She called them ‘popovers’, but that they are not. Popovers are in fact an American version of Yorkshire puds, getting their name from the way the cooked batter ‘pops over’ the top of a baking tray. My grandmother’s version however, are almost totally flat. I have checked and checked again but I don’t think I have read her recipe wrong, as she simply writes:

Quickly mix dough, kneading slightly. Cut into rounds with a floured tin and fry gently in hot bacon fat. Serve with crisp fried bacon (instead of fried bread).

I can only assume that the crucial ingredient to a good batter, i.e. egg, was somehow lost in translation and from this Winifred interpreted a recipe for popovers cooked in bacon dripping as shallow fried dumplings to be served with crisp fried bacon. My gran’s version do, however, still taste great with bacon and egg, and thus, a new dish is born! One that is easier to perfect than Yorkshire puds, and an economical way of creating an American-style breakfast.

Have you ever had any happy accidents in the kitchen? Please share in the comments…

Not-over Popovers
Author: Gannet & Parrot
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 1
  • – For each popover –
  • 1 tbsp self raising flour
  • Pinch salt
  • Scant tbsp suet (I use vegetable suet)
  • A few sultanas
  • Water
  1. Place dry ingredients in a bowl and dribble in a little water, mix together with a knife.
  2. Put dough on a floured surface, knead slightly and flatten with your hand.
  3. Cut into rounds.
  4. Place in hot pan used first for frying bacon, fry popovers for two minutes on each side until crisp, brown and risen slightly.


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