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I am late publishing this post because I haven’t been able to justify popping open a bottle of Cava during daylight hours in order to take a half decent photograph. I’m not sure I can justify this today either, but it is December, and it’s about time I told you all how much joy you can give friends and rellies in sharing a bottle of Sipsmith Damson Vodka this Christmas.


I’m not a regular spirits drinker and when I do, I tend to avoid the sweet ones because I unashamedly enjoy the taste of bitter alcohol. Sipsmith Damson Vodka (28% vol) can be filed under category of the super sweet, fruity beverages I would usually avoid, so when I received my sample I did little with it other than admire the beautiful packaging. I then asked my favourite local spirits expert Mark Ridgwell what I should mix it with and he laughed, as he too is not a big fan of sloe gin and its equivalents. He then agreed that the best mixer to counter the drink’s natural sweetness would be dry sparkling wine, something I get on with very easily.


I have since brought the bottle out of the cupboard on occasion of good friends visiting and they have glugged it down with expressions not unlike those you might see in the Dandy, ‘ooh, it’s fruity lovely…’ ‘I’ll have some more of that…’  For my taste I would still avoid mixing Sipsmith Damson Vodka with lemonade or tonics low in quinine ike Fever Tree, but mixed with dry sparkling wine or soda, or drunk neat over a cube or two of ice, this is a delicious drink. Full-bodied, plummy, unusual, not at all wishy-washy and a far cry from the soapy homemade sloe gins given to you at Christmas time. I’m a rotten ungrateful cow and I know it. Sorry.


Sipsmith are an independent London distiller of high end, lovingly produced small batch gin, vodka and seasonal blends. Their products can be bought at Waitrose, Majestic, good independent off licenses, Amazon and others. Sipsmith Damson Vodka (28% vol) is sold in 50cl bottles retailing around £24.

Disclosure: I was given one 50cl bottle of Sipsmith Damson Vodka free of charge for the purposes of this review. This post reflects my honest personal opinion and experience.

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