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The week in pictures: #1

It’s January. It’s dark. The days are cold and short. I’ve been searching for sunlight via the beam given off by my mobile phone. Yep, I joined Instagram. Using Instagram reminds me of art foundation courses: “take pictures of every letter of the alphabet found in the REAL WORLD!” “Take photos of your own relection!” “This week’s brief: EXTREME CLOSE UP.”

Being an art school veteran I inadvertently set myself the brief of trying to find sunny looking things, and I don’t think I did too badly. I’m still cross that I failed to take a picture of the egg that smashed on the floor yesterday. I clearly need to use Instagram a little longer before it becomes a reflex, as it must be for some of these talented users.


Clockwise from top left:

1. West Norwood sunset
2. The last of my Christmas veg box and a pumpkin so beautiful I kept the seeds
3. Juniper and lemon zest for a biscuit recipe I’m testing
4. January sun
5. My home office is getting a makeover, and my feller a new look
6. I roasted the pumpkin whole stuffed with leftover ragu as an alternative Sunday roast
7. Freelancing for Fowler & Co in Portslade Village
8. Egg fried rice with crispy tofu, kale and carrots. I always follow these ace egg fried rice cooking tips
9. S does NOT want to wear her wellies

Are you on Instagram? I’m looking for people to follow so please post any suggestions in the comments, and if you’re really kind, you might also like to follow me!

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