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The Week in Pictures: #3

Believe it or not even bloggers like me can succumb to embarrassment when taking photographs in restaurants. For this reason, I have not included any photos of the food I ate on my visit to London last weekend, even though both meals were totally and boringly bloggable.

On Saturday night I enjoyed my first taste of Eritrean food at Zeret Kitchen in Camberwell. My friend was after some more kitfo, a dish of marinated ground beef served very rare, so we got a helping of the cardamom-infused tartare, which was lush, as well as an enormous pancake topped with a variety of Eritrean specialties for just £20. The food at Zeret Kitchen was honest, deliciously spiced, good value and the atmosphere relaxed; I’d love to return. By contrast, on the Sunday I went to Shrimpy’s, a bistro in the former Kings Cross Filling Station. The pop-up is popping off this year and I can’t say I’m sad to have tried Shrimpy’s so late. The place has beautiful branding, but I found their signature soft shell crab burger little more than bland. The rest of the menu read well, but I remained unconvinced, thinking the story superficial and the fries, overpriced. The nearby Grain Store will draw my footfall over Shrimpy’s (and many others!) any day.


1. Rosemary at The Runaway on route to London
2. Keane and I enjoyed this simple salmon with caper dressing, recipe to follow
3. Moving back in to my newly decorated work room I found this list of loves from ten years ago (at a guess); not much has changed but I’m pleased to say my spelling has improved
4. I just about managed to transform a vat of bean, butternut and corn slurry into spicy veggie burgers
5. Signs of early spring: violets out and smelling of cider and piss in a spot I like to call the ‘drunkards’ glade’
6. IKEA are really pushing their salmon products this season. I can confirm they are of similar taste/quality/usefulness as the Expedit bookcases
7. Drama on the Downs
8. Rosemary at the colourful Pleasant Stores
9. Enjoying my new dipped stoneware mugs from Waitrose, darling

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