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The Week in Pictures: #4

The highlight of this week had to be the day out I had in Eastbourne with my daughter while we waited for the car to be serviced. Turns out the tree that fell on it at Christmas did do a little damage, ho ho, hence why I have been driving around in a stinking great estate car all weekend. I’ve taken quite a liking to the fact people are less likely to drive right up your ass when you’re careering about in a wagon the length of four shopping trolleys, so I’ll be a little sad to see it go tomorrow. (Yes, I do realise this is all part of the dealership’s plan to wangle me into a part exchange.)
Clockwise from top left
1. I’ve been enjoying this super quick lunch of egg noodles in miso broth with stir fried veg and plenty of fresh ginger. Just the kind of guilt-free cheer you need in this cold and wet
2. Finding yet more ghosts from my past as I continue settling in to my newly-decorated work room. I discovered this little guy in my childhood copy of Jemima Puddleduck, and an encouragingly foodie (and cringe-worthy) travel diary from my trip to Sri Lanka when I was thirteen. More on that later…
3. It was so nice to see our friends Tim and Jess for lunch this Sunday. I cooked slow-roasted lamb shoulder in plenty of garlic, rosemary, red wine and tomatoes, served with sweet potato wedges, spinach and kale
4. Congratulations to my friend Neeta Pedersen whose first UK solo show launched at the Hop Gallery in Lewes this Friday
5. The Towner Gallery in Eastbourne is such a fantastic space, my daughter and I particularly enjoyed the views from the super-sized lift and the sun-lit cafe
6. I took S to Qualisea in Eastbourne for fish and chips. My cod was perfectly cooked and I love the interior, it’s just waiting to be used as the set for a very British version of Twin Peaks
7. I finally got around to tweaking my recipe for juniper and lemon shortbread, will be sharing on here soon
8. The last choux bun in the house after my Sunday cook-a-thon. I love profiteroles and I am allowed to because I eat miso broth for lunch (cough, cough)

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