Week in Pictures #5

My 200th post! How the hell did that happen? How on earth did I find that much to say? I’m a little lost for words so please bear with me while I share a slightly overdue and utterly pointless post about what I have been doing over the past week. Judging from my Instagram shots, not a whole lot of cooking… but to keep on theme I can reveal that we ate a variation on this kedgeree, a tasty tamarind chicken and some dirty frankfurters with a lentil, butter bean and beer stew that has become something of a staple in this house. Will share the recipes at some point in the near future.


Clockwise from top left:
1. We had our first take out curry in ages and I was impressed with the quality of their new carrier bags
2. My daughter made a ‘pizza pie’
3. Enjoyed the Anna Calvi gig at All Saints church in Hove, amazing setting, brilliant artist, dry bar…
4. I failed to post a themed recipe for Valentine’s Day but my daughter covered my ass by making these beauties at playgroup
5. The snowdrops are out in the front garden
6. Still enjoying my new work room, here is my latest ‘shelfie’ (thanks to Hannah Warren for the pun)
7. Hair is now long enough for a ponytail, S looks so GROWN UP
8. My tasty lemon and juniper shortbread cookies
9. My latest veg box from Ashurst Organics, so much to love! (Read my recent post about them here.)

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