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Week in Pictures #6

This is a bumper edition of ‘Week in Pictures’ but I’ll try not to veer into ‘Uncle Bob’s holiday slideshow’ mode. The reason I have even been less reserved with my photo sharing this week is because a. I am late updating this series of posts and b. I have been nominated in the Best Photography category of the MAD Blog Awards 2014. It goes without saying really but I’d love to make the shortlist, so if you have a spare moment and you think me worthy, please cast a vote in my direction. Nominations are open until 14th March; the four blogs with the most votes in each category make the shortlist, along with a blog chosen on merit by the judges. Now, back to the slideshow…


Blood oranges! I love them. I love blood oranges so much I had four sitting in the fruitbowl going hard and wrinkly until I used them to make a variation on Nigel Slater’s citrus polenta cake. It was so delicious I bought some more of the beautiful fruits from the supermarket this weekend, vowing not to neglect them for so long this time.


It’s been a while since I got my sewing machine out but I dragged the old bugger off the shelf to make this sturdy rabbit to give to my friend’s new baby. I hope he’s not scared of it.


I enjoyed a weekend catching up with old and new friends in London. Highlights included this midnight feast of crispy fried anchovies and the smokin’ dosa I had at Borough Market with fellow food bloggers Bake and Iris.


It’s a total cliché but I am constantly amazed by how quickly and splendidly my little girl is growing up. She has been making me laugh lately by doing things like blowing bubbles through two straws and drawing people with arms and legs.


We were greeted by this beautiful rainbow on the way home from collecting our Ashurst Organics veg box the other day. I’m still in love with my organic veg, and reading Michael Pollen’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma is doing a good job of convincing me that it is money well spent. This week our cabbage had a free slug in it which made a great talking point with my little girl.


I’m glad that spring is really upon us now and was impressed that S stopped by this flowering rosemary bush to tell me it was her ‘favourite’.


A delicious St David’s Day fry-up with green leeks inspired by the ones Jason cooked for us with breakfast last weekend, followed by a beautifully sunny dog walk.


I feel inspired by these lush Formica samples I ordered with a view to replacing our kitchen worktops. And Shrove Tuesday wouldn’t be complete without a photo of some crêpes, in this case those I made for a light lunch on Saturday. If by some strange twist of fate you are looking for some flat, egg-flour-and-milk-based inspiration today, you could do worse than try my orange and honey spelt pancakes or my grandma’s classic crêpes aux épinards.

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